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Achala Outfitters say you welcome to Patagonia Argentina, the land of wonders, stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Andes, is rich in wild life and different landscapes. This vast region taking up most of Southern Argentina, features a glacier-dotted mountainous interi- or, unique coastal wildlife and amazing Andean national parks. The mountains, the lakes, and the rivers in Pata- gonia are also some of the most beautiful of all found in the world.


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Diego is hands down the best fishing guide of many I know. I've been floating with him for 15 years now and him, as well as his team, are warranty of a great fish and fine moments on that outstanding river such as Alumine. The equipment is just the best one. From the pick up trucks to the boats and tents, everything is high quiality. When you're on the river with them, it's always a very comfortable experience since they're always trying to push us to be better. Giving pieces of advise and recommendations to improve our skills. Around noon there's a special stop; lunch time by the river. A firepit, the plow disk, and amazing food nicely prepared, along with fishing stories. A great memory that comes to my mind while writing this is one night that we spent on Alumine river shore. We got to the camp and I remember there was a huge fire that helped us with the cold from the nights in April, a great argentinean barbecue, nice wine and those conversations with friends where fishing is even bigger. Thanks again, Diego, for this memories. See you at the river!



I fly fish with Diego and his team since 2013, always with friends, looking for the best trouts of the season. Lucky for us, many of them, and the best ones, have agreed to take pictures with us. We have also had several years opening in Alumine, a fly-fishing paradise that demands a fine and
technical fishing. The service offered by Achala has no weak points, guides who know the river like the palm of teir hand, always willing to teach you, always advising and giving the best of them in order to make the client have the best time and have memorable moments in the river. Very comfortable and safe boats to cast. Separate chapter for lunch ... gourmet food in the river, always delicious and plentiful (to recharge batteries). Long story short, they are professional as hell. I know now I can call them my friends and not just a company, who have taught me a lot of how little I know. We chose them and we continue to choose .... 100% recommendable. For many more fish, cheers!



The service was brilliant, there's nothing to complaint about it! I travelled with friends and it was one of the best trips ever. The food and the cleaness were excellent! I'm sure we'll be doing more trips with Achala. Cheers!



It's been 13 years since we first floated with Diego.It was a very nice day floating in Alumine River. From that day, floating with Diego and Achala team has become a tradition for me and my dad. Now, we like going on three days trips, descovering new destinations, always with Diego around us. They have made being on the river with my dad to be such a beautiful experience, where fishing is just an excuse to be actually enjoing some quality time together. It's amazing how fishing, and not many people understand this, makes you feel relaxed, calmed and happy. I've been fishing with many guides and comanies, and I can only say great things about Achala Outfitters. Diego and his team (Dario, Juan, Santiago, and Carlos) are highly professional, dedicated, respectful, educated and energetic people, who will never take anyone for granted and will always give a hand to those who might need some fishing lessons. I'll never ge tired of recommending them since I don't have any doubts that they are THE best company for fishing. Like I always tell Diego, thank you and see you again soon in the river. We're always looking forwar to descovering new destinations with Achala Outfitters.



I met the Buzurroʼs more that 10 years ago. It was my first floating at Limay river. On that very first day, I remember how amazingly organized they had everything, and the service, it was just shocking. Schedules, boats, food, professionalism, that made me stick with them forever in terms of fly fishing in PAtagonia. They are my favourite guides for Limay, Alumine and Juramento rivers. At the beginning it was a friends trip, but now itʼs something I love doing with my wife, Marcela Lovegrove. Even though she is not that big of a fisherwoma, she now has a tight bond with Dario and Diego. They are part of Achala Experience, a group of people highly recommended as the best fishing guides of all times, as well as one of a kind fishermans! The food and the boats, always top notch, using the latest qualities from the US. As my wife, says, the food is just exquisite. They prepare and prepare a great meal everywhere we go. Itʼs just out of this world! Of course, from the day I met them until today I recommend them, and I always will. For me, they are in my favourite guides list, and Iʼll always wish them the best for their business, as they always do the best for their guests. My best wishes, Sindo Fariña and Marcela Lovegrove.




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