Achala Outfitters say you welcome to Patagonia Argentina, the land of wonders, stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Andes, is rich in wild life and different landscapes. This vast region taking up most of Southern Argentina, features a glacier-dotted mountainous interior, unique coastal wildlife and amazing Andean national parks.

The mountains, the lakes, and the rivers in Patagonia are also some of the most beautiful of all found in the world. Argentinean Patagonia can be broken up into the smaller travel destinations: The Lake Region, Atlantic Patagonia, Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Each destination is very unique and offers much to entice the visitor. This fly fishing adventure takes us through some of the most fascinating northern lake region of Patagonia. Located right at the foot hills of Cordillera de los Andes Mountains, Alumine River along other rivers, in the surrounding region offers one of the best fly fishing in Argentinean Patagonia.

The most of the area’s crystal clear rivers begin high in the Andes, then wind their way through the Andean foothills to the valleys below. Each river has its own unique characteristics, its own secrets and challenges. You will discover the secret of these rivers and enjoy the ultimate Argentinean fly-fishing adventure.

Located in Cordillera de los Andes mountains, the Alumine Region has some of the best fly fishing rivers in Pata- gonia. Two hours north of San Martin de los Andes, in Nuequen province the town of Aluminé is the central base for several important rivers and lakes that are seldom fished.

Due to warmer climate and abundance of insect hatches, smaller rivers such as Pulmari, Calfiquitra, Malalco, Quillen, Mallelo, Chumehuin of this region have some of the best dry fly waters. Medium size Alumine River has several sections that offer anglers the best fly fishing option than any other river in Patagonia.

The Alumine river is the longest floatable and fishable river in the region. We will fish three different section of Alumine in different days and visit Lanin National park to fish one day on the Quillen Lake and back on the Aluminé to float, fish and camp. Our fly fishing guides has great working knowledge and will give you the ultimate fly fishing experience in Patagonia.